Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

We've got quite the winter weather here in the Natural State.  It's nothing like what's going on up North, but it's a big deal for us cold-blooded Arkansans. 

I find it a bit ironic because tomorrow is my birthday, and I was born in an ice storm.  

So when I woke up this morning and stood looking out the window, it crossed my mind that 26 years ago, my mom must have woke up, waddled over to the window (haha sorry, Mom) and looked out only to see something similar to this. . . . 

I tried to imagine what I would be thinking if I were standing there, 9+ months pregnant, and watching giant snow flakes fall on top of solid ice, not even able to see the road.  Panic

I now have a new appreciation for my mom.

Well, fortunately I'm not about to go into labor, and Greg and I have plenty of everything we need to get through the storm . . . toilet paper, firewood (thanks to the ice storm of 2009), and wayyyyy too much junk food for our own good. ;)   What else do you need?

Wherever you are, I hope you are staying warm and spending this time off school and work with the people you love most!


  1. I remember that morning.... It was 4 am (on a Saturday no less) and we had snow chains on the Bronco to get to the hospital. There was nothing on the TV (literally, it was fuzz). Funny, all the parts of the trip that I remember are not really about you actually being born.... what does that say about me as a sister? :-) But... Happy Birthday Sis! Love - A

  2. That's OK, A. I don't remember when you were born either ;)

  3. Well, I remember getting to the hospital in the Bronco! However, I remember, even more vividly, that Dr. Caldwell could not get to the hospital in time to give me an epidural--ugh! Nothing like forced natural childbirth!! Love, Mom

  4. The idea of no epidural makes me panic a little bit. Hurray for March! - A

  5. I was born in a snowstorm as well. I wonder what that says about our personalities:) Hope you guys are staying warm....just have to say that I'm glad we did not get it here:)

  6. I've been meaning to tell you that I really love your header. Sorry I haven't said that before.



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