Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Greg and I will be moving in just a few short weeks.  Back in November, Greg was offered a job as an associate for a really great law firm a few hours away, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity.  I immediately started job hunting (very doubtful and grouchy that I would find anything as good as what I'd been doing for the past three years, mind you).  But, the Lord blessed me with knowing the right people to point me in the path of a teaching job that literally seems as though it was created just for me!  I've never been so excited for summer break to be over!  :)

When we left our old Life Group three years ago, they surprised us with a "Going Away" party.  Little did they know, we'd be coming back home :)

The purpose of this post is to simply document our journey through this phase in our life: 
Since the last time I blogged about it, we have found a house that we want to put an offer on.  So if that works out, rest assured, you will be hearing aaallllllllllllllll about it. 

Greg is studying night and day for the bar.  Dave would say he's got gazelle-like intensity!

I'm dreaming of and getting ready for this next school year. 

I'm also deep cleaning out our house and packing as I go.  This will be the fifth place we've lived in 3.5 years.  Needless to say, we've become efficient packers. 

We are both considering getting a dog, but we can't agree on what kind.  (dog blog coming soon)

And that about describes our summer 2011.  The bar, preparing for new jobs, moving, and trying to soak in every wonderful minute of it. 

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