Thursday, July 7, 2011

puppy love

Twice this week, Greg and I have had a run-away dog wander into our yard.  Tuesday night, Greg came home from the library with this pooch . . .
His name was "Mutley."  We called the number on his collar, and his owner came right over to get him.  

This morning, I woke up to a basset hound in our front yard.  I didn't get a picture, but he pretty much looked like this:

We've been thinking of getting a dog for a while now (and by "we," I mean "Greg").  But we just can't come to an agreement on what kind to get.  

I like golden retrievers like my cousin's dog (who is named in memory of our Papa's dog, "Buster").
See how good he is with my adorable, little cousin, Kingston?

My grandparents had some awesome dogs like Buster, Tippy, and Suzi.  I do believe that Suzi was the only chow that I will ever love to cuddle in my lifetime. 

My Aunt Janet's dog, Hudini, might be the cutest dog ever because he has an under-bite.  Do they make dog retainers?  Here he is with me and Suzi.

Greg doesn't want a long-haired dog.  He wants a short-haired dog like a weimaraner, bull dog, or boxer.  This is his sister's dog, Polly.

I love Polly to pieces, too.  And her brother, Rizzo.

My sister has two labs, and we love labs other than how they chew up everything.

That's Max.  His feet turn green when he walks through wet grass :)

And here's Jake.  He's a cutie patootie, too.

Some other dogs that I don't have pictures of that are/were pretty much family members: Missy, Prissy, Ruffy, Duke, Sam, and Faux Pas (yes, we did have a dog named "Faux Pas").

But, "The Best Dog of All Time" Award goes to: 
The one and only, irreplaceable, Butch!!!

So there are some of our dog loves, but we can't decide which kind to get.  

We want a short-haired, medium to large dog, who is good around kids and other animals, doesn't have separation anxiety, won't tear up our house too much, won't shed, mild tempered, will cuddle up on my lap, will go hunting, will fetch, and will go for long walks with us.  Are we asking too much?  :)

Any suggestions?


  1. Awww, we had astray Basset Hound for about a month and he was precious until he ran away from here too. They like to wander. My dad just got a miniature Australian Shepard named Tuffy. He got him in Fayetteville, I believe and he is the best, sweetest puppy ever. And he wont be too big or too small. :)

  2. When you find the dog you described at the end of this post, let me know what he/she is! Sounds like my dream dog...(Especially the no shed, mild tempered...)

  3. A lab will meet all the criteria you listed above...except maybe the tearing up things. Our yellow lab goes in spurts of being perfect and then she will randomly tear up one of Sara Kate's stuffed animals or my favorite pair of flats (argh!). But she's a great dog! Good luck!

  4. Butch WAS the best dog ever! You are so right about that. I still think about him sometimes. We just lucked out with him, he was THAT awesome. - sis

  5. A BOXER!! I'm telling you, boxers are the best family dogs ever. (And of course, even though you don't have a little one yet your pooch will be around once you get to that point). Boxers are such big lovable babies and oh, their personalities are so sweet. Ours doesn't bark. He was amazing to kennel train. I can't say enough about the breed (obviously). ;)

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