Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reminiscing and Resolving 2010

Here are some highlights of what Greg and I did (or should I say "survived") in 2009:
  • completed first year of law school
  • finished first year of teaching (read the post)
  • skiied down my first black diamond (and half of it wasn't on my rear!)
  • refinished a desk that is now in our office (read the post) and the infamous coffee table (read the post)
  • moved into our first house (Its a renter, but hey... better than the apartment.)
  • tailgaited at almost every Razorback football home game
  • passed the Praxis III
  • traveled to Arlington, TX for the first AR vs. Texas A&M Southwest Classic game (read the post)
  • took a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation to Memphis (read the post)
  • survived the 2009 ice storm without power for eight days (read the post)
  • sang through The Messiah (all two hours in its entirety) in performance for the first time
  • built up enough nerve to paint half my living room lime green (read the post)

And here are our goals for 2010 (well... mine anyways). We'll see exactly how many of them I actually accomplish by this time next year.
  • be more content
  • implement the methods of Natural Evangelism (a DVD series our life group watched)
  • become a more polished teacher
  • refinish more furniture
  • deprive my house of all things generic
  • finally figure out what to do with the giant white wall
  • do more to connect and grow our life group
  • play more Bach
  • practice my scales... (I foresee this one won't make the "What I Accomplished in 2010" list.)
  • sing more opera and get my voice back in shape
  • run farther
  • read this book

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